• Gerard: I'm the sensitive one. I'm the girl of the band!
  • Ray: I'm the annoying father that everyone hates!
  • Gerard: He's like "boysss" - that's how he says it - "Boysss, we got ten minutes." You'll be asleep and he'll be like, "Time to get up boysss, we've got to make a video." Frank is the loose cannon - if he believes something, he'll stick to his guns no matter how much we push him. Mikey is the kid, we have to take care of him because he's always getting mugged and beaten up.
  • Mikey: I'm the unlucky one.
  • Frank: Unlucky?! Dude, you took an electric heater into a shower once, that's not unlucky!
  • Mikey: Well, sometimes I don't think straight...
  • Gerard: He's kind of like Mr Bean.

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in bandom we may have different favourite songs and different favourite albums but there is one thing that brings us all together: we all sob to northern downpour

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if you think i will name my future child after a fictional character then you are absolutely right

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  • This summer wardrobe colors:
  • -Black
  • -Off black
  • -Pastel black
  • -Blue black
  • -Light black
  • -Dark black
  • -Very dark grey

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  • let's play a game called how many gay couples can I ship until my brain gives up on me and sets itself on fire

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